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What we offer you

Tailor-made website

Showcase site or e-commerce…

We collect all of your needs and translate them into functional specifications to offer you cutting-edge technologies while respecting your budget.


We create the graphic charter, your logo, the choice of colors, the typology of the writings as well as the creation of personalized icons and the banners of the site.

Hosting included

We offer you an annual tranquility pack including hosting, updates, maintenance and support.

Automated backups and data recovery in case of accidents

Because we are never safe from an incident or mishandling. Backtracking is paramount.

Data security

Your site is secured by certificate and content cannot be copied by your visitors. Hosting and access to data with firewall and multiple protections.

SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)

We optimize your natural referencing by setting up the necessary tools and keywords, by adapting your content so that your site is in the first position of a search engine on the desired queries.

Marketing Email

We connect your site to an e-mail collection tool and thus offer you to increase your audience. We can help you get started with newsletters.

Audience analysis

We set up tools for monitoring the visitor’s journey and can schedule the sending of weekly or monthly reports. Real-time tracking is included. At any time, an audit for improvement is possible.

Maintenance and repair

In order to ensure technological and software updates and to allow your site to function over time, updates and possible repairs are included in your annual peace of mind pack.


We support you in your needs for print, logo, business card, flyer, poster, brochure, banner, …


Support by email 365 days a year is included in your peace of mind pack. If your site is down, we receive an alert in real time. In any case, you can contact us by phone if necessary.


Professional IT Services and Communication Consulting

We show you how

Reveal your identity, change your mindset and develop your online presence.

Opt for the annual TRANQUILITY pack



Hosting, support and maintenance of the site
Updating the back-office and SEO referencing
Automated backups
Alerts in the event of a breakdown or attack

Restore on demand in case of error

Year-round email or chat support



Five Spheres

A mission


Care and maintenance


automated backups

follow-up of visits


They trusted us




All with a smile and diplomacy…

Here in a few words is the portrait of Chandini. Very pleasant and efficient collaboration!

Chantal Malherbe

Manager of, BIO ETC

I chose to entrust my site to Chandini Magali several years ago. If I chose it it is above all because I did not want to spend hours managing a site that requires not only time but also a lot of expertise given the speed at which this field is evolving. My big challenge was to delegate an important part of my work, my site, which is not only my showcase, but also the main place of sale for my coaching and training courses. I must admit that I have a rather high level of quality requirements towards my collaborators.

What I experience with Magali is first of all a listening and an understanding of my expectations then a fast and high quality implementation. It responds day after day and year after year to my level of professional requirements and expectations. The speed and efficiency of these constructive reactions and the solutions she offers me in the referencing, maintenance and updates of the site adapt perfectly to my expectations.

Lionel Santucci

Certified coach in Transformative Communication, PCC

I experienced the joy of a partnership with Chandini for the creation of my website. More than a partnership, the birth of the site was a true co-creation.

At each stage, I felt listened to, understood in my requests, and judiciously advised on my points of doubt.

Chandini has both professional and technical skills, but also human skills. In my experience, she was able to subtly identify the request and bring out the personal touch that makes the difference.

I am delighted with this collaboration, and all the feedback on my site has been unanimous!

Go there with your eyes closed! 🙂

Marion Ducourtioux

Creator of intuitive clocks and jewelry, Résonances et Partages

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